luni, 3 decembrie 2007


The ideea has been in my head for a long time and it started from the question "If guys can treat us like we are for one use only, why can't we do the same thing?".
I was looking on the internet to see what i could find for Rent a Guy. Well...usually handymen, but my ideea has nothing to do with that.
Rent a guy would be a place where you can choose from a big variety of men, with different qualities, for different occasions: massage session, work around the house, shopping, a person to brag with at a party, partner for opera/theatre/concert and other activities that i'm not alowed to mention because i would be banned from this site forever. You just come and rent as you do for any car for example. In case that he breaks (starting to act in an unappropriate way, talks to much, makes a fool of yourself) you just bring the guy back for repairs.
Anyone will be able to get what they want for the price they pay!

To bad this it the real world.